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Happiness is Homemade, and if it is made by the host the essence of it ignites further. Our sires, Mrs. Sheetal Poddar, Mrs. Sonam Poddar, and Mrs. Pallavi Poddar believed in creating a unique and contemporary architectural vocabulary and making it available in the most luxurious form. The enthusiasm towards finding rare and singular artifacts incepted in their minds when they travelled across the country for decorating their own home in the year 2016. Since then, the adoration towards collecting antiquities in the form of extravagant jars to dramatic vases became their everyday phenomena. From covering the local antediluvian markets of India, they toured across the sub-regions of Europe covering Italy, France, and Scandinavia to resonate the proper blend of classic and modern style furniture and bring the finest ageless articles needed to add beauty to homes around to a single all-inclusive store. To reciprocate the feeling of hygge, Kassel décor which pioneered in the year 2018, is located in an abode where the setting doesn’t feel like an interior showroom with empty spaces that are randomly filled with furniture but with small details that sum the feeling of being at comfort. They believed in bringing the rarest and the uncluttered form of décor from places around, making it a hassle-free experience for their customers. From giving varied designing expertise to their customers and bringing transformation with even the smallest of the décor ornamentation, our three galvanizers with their click of creativity have brought the prime of the leading décor pieces at outset. Kassel décor does not only cover the expertly decorated bookcases to inspire your next book organizing endeavours but has the simplest form of gifts to give a little something to your loved ones as a remembrance. They have an affinity to make Kassel Décor a place that when you step in, you feel at ease in the space and amble around in a way that most importantly feels at home.

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When you travel to diverse places you make sure you collect the cream of the cream to make it available at ease. Kassel decor furnished their hearth with perfect pieces that would embellish your space with a homey zing. Our best-selling eclectic products ranged from the dazzling the Medallion Lid Jars with a high tinge of Tuscan style decor to the hypnotic soothing Buddha sculpture guiding your home to attract positive chi. Crystals, truly resemble the work of art, has been used over the eons for a myriad of purposes - from healing to protection to decoration, with a single goal of creating good Feng Shui energy in your home. Keeping this in mind we also provide a wide range of Agate stone artifacts, Swarovski crystals antiquity, and various assorted gem trees adding the earthy element to your homes. We, at Kassel decor, know that furnishing home can be a personal experience and extremely close to heart, so we would love an elicit emotion that prompt the customer to connect with the products that we provide. Be it the wide range dining table accessories which would add a breeze and save you the trouble of playing interior designer to mix of vintage and elongated geometric motif vases we provide a perfect harmony with little things that can spruce up white spaces.

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